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Your Personal Shopper

Your Personal Shopper (YPS) will guide you through buying lingerie for yourself or your partner.

YPS: Lets take a look at sizes first. This will ensure your partners (or your) lingerie will be as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Make sure you pay attention to the numerical sizes next to the Small, Medium. Large, XL, 1X, 2X and 3X sizes, on the drop down size menus of the product pages. These will give you a good idea on the bust or dress size of that lingerie product. For an example of this click here

YPS: Let's go over a few tips if you're buying lingerie for your partner:

1) Look at your partners current wardrobe of colours. Take note of the colour of bras, underwear
and even tops that they have. This will give you an excellent idea of what colour/design/pattern to buy.

2) Once you're certain on a colour to go with (or colours), check all labels inside the lingerie that
corresponds to whatever lingerie you would like to buy your partner. All sizes will display as
the numbered sizing you see in the chart above. Once you know the size, write it down.

3) Now that you have an idea of the colour and size, you can now focus on the material. Again,
take a look at your partners current collection and check the tags within, to see the materials
it's made from. Check this with our product descriptions on our main product pages.

4) Don't be afraid to ask! It's always the best solution to talk to your partner about lingerie. This
way you can determine your partners favourite colours or preferred material. If you want the
lingerie product/s to be a surprise, then try and bring the subject up without giving away your
surprise intentions. This way you can find out what your partner likes, while still being able
to surprise them with a great gift from Linn's Lingerie.

5) If it's not a surprise, then why not invite your partner to look at the site with you. You can then
look over the great lingerie products we have to offer..together.

6) Don't forget that Linn's Lingerie now offer a great selection of adult sex toys and other adult products. We take the time to ensure that our adult products are of the same high quality as our lingerie. It's always great fun to browse adult products with your partner and they can really help enhance your sex life.

Enjoy browsing our collection of:

Adult Sex Toys for Couples - Perfect to use on each other for a romantic experience that you'll never forget

Women's Vibrators - A woman's best friend, but also experiment by allowing your partner to pleasure you!

Sex Toys for Beginners - The perfect sex toys to buy if you're new to adult sex toys

Dildos and Dongs - Like the vibrator but with a much more detailed look and realistic feeling!

Anal Toys - A popular sex toy for couples and perfect for building-up to anal sex with your partner

Sex Furniture and Sex Swings - Open your mind and you'll discover the very best sex products for couples!

Fetish Sex Toys and Fetish Furniture - Once again, open your mind and don't be afraid to experiment!

Fleshlight Girls - The male sex toy that is simple, discreet and will help make your man last longer in bed!

Male Masturbators - Some of the very best methods of training your man to delay his ejaculation!

Sex Dolls - So realistic they are perfect to aid your man in achieving controllable ejaculations!

Have fun browsing and shopping on Linn's Lingerie. We love to hear from our customers so please send any comments or suggestions to:

Enjoy the website!

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